Visual Identity / Web Design / Development


Creating a digital and printed brand + website for a startup organization to expand their impact.

MIDAO (Marshall Island Decentralized Autonomous Organization Directory Services) is an innovative organization that collaborated with the Republic of Marshall Islands to facilitate legal incorporation for DAOs. Their challenge was to create a brand that resonated with both cutting-edge professionals in the DAO environment and the officials of the Marshall Islands.


In designing the logo, I aimed to blend the rich history of the Marshall Islands with a contemporary feel. Drawing inspiration from stick charts used by the indigenous peoples of the islands for sea navigation, the logo incorporated curved sticks representing ocean swells and straight sticks symbolizing currents and waves around the islands.

Color Profile

The color scheme and gradients were thoughtfully chosen to reflect the vibrant hues of the Pacific Ocean and tropical surroundings.

Website Design

MIDAO’s website boasts a clean, sleek, and timeless design, ensuring effortless navigation and a professional appearance. The website adheres to essential qualities of a well-designed site, such as being responsive, accessible, and optimized for mobile devices. The site was developed using Webflow.

Interaction Highlights

Throughout the website, I integrated microinteractions to enhance the user experience, adding a touch of sophistication and care to the overall design, while ensuring user engagement.


The site has been a major source of price for MIDAO and has facilitated numerous DAOs in incorporating within the Marshall Islands. The organization continues to grow steadily, making a significant impact in the ever-evolving world of decentralized autonomous organizations.