Shipyard Software Ecosystem


Creating a reserve of illustrations for each unique product or organization at a software development agency.

As the lead designer at Shipyard Software, a software development company with a diverse portfolio of products and organizations, my primary responsibility was delving into each entity’s userbase and distinctive value proposition. I created unique visual identities that effectively conveyed their stories. A particularly enjoyable aspect of this project was crafting custom illustrations for each brand, which were later incorporated into various marketing materials.

Shipyard Software

Clipper 1.0


Clipper is a decentralized trading app designed for everyday retail traders. The brand identity revolves around surrealism and pirates, inspired by the web3 community’s absurd meme culture and its core principles of decentralization, autonomy, fairness, and wealth distribution. Illustrations for Clipper reflect the adventurous spirit of pirates, encapsulating the app’s unique approach to crypto trading.

Clipper’s illustration style took a few different forms over time keeping to the brand colours, pirates, and surrealism themes.

Current illustrative style

Previous illustrative style (1.0)


AdmiralDAO serves as the governing decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) for Shipyard Software’s products. Regarded as the nurturing mother of the products, its brand identity is characterized by sophistication, cleanliness, and modernity. The illustrations incorporate 3D shapes, soft lighting, and delicate gradients, reflecting the DAO’s role in providing guidance and structure to the products.

Shipyard Software

Shipyard Software stands as the software development company responsible for all products under its umbrella. The brand image exudes friendliness, maturity, trustworthiness, and calculated decision-making. Illustrations portray blueprint-like diagrams of ships, showcasing the company’s architectural role in crafting and coordinating its products. The team illustrations capture the warmth and heart behind their work.

Foundation for Art and Blockchain (FAB)

FAB is a foundation that supports artists working on the blockchain, supported by Shipyard Software. The brand and illustrations are crafted to resonate with artists, emphasizing creativity and utilizing a range of hand-made media to highlight their artistic endeavors.


Longship is a derivatives app catering to financially savvy individuals looking to build their investment portfolios. As Clipper’s sister-product, Longship’s brand exudes elegance, opulence, and power. The nautical theme, connected to Vikings, is prevalent in the illustrations, symbolizing strength and prosperity, aligning perfectly with the app’s financial focus.

3D models built by Ádám Szabó. Rendering and motion design created by Niko Papadimitriou.