I’m Drew— I create and manage digital products that people find easy and pleasant to use. I currently work at Shipyard Software where I design and lead cross-functional teams in bringing good ideas to fruition.

I’m also a regenerative farmer and consultant for off-grid solar projects. 🌞

Select work

Image of UI from Clipper.
Designing a decentralized crypto trading product that prioritizes clarity for beginners.
Product design, usability testing, product management, branding, web design, UI/UX design, art direction, user research, illustration, graphic design, recruiting
Empowering a remote cross-functional tech team around an aligned product vision.
Product management, leadership, recruiting, art direction, communications, data analysis, usability testing
Shipyard Software
Creating a reserve of illustrations for each unique product and/or organization at a software development agency.
Creating a digital and printed brand + website for a startup organization to expand their impact.
Branding, web design and development, graphic design, print design, art direction, recruiting

To see some more projects where I help local organizations doing good, check out my design collective, ⌦⌘DLT-CMD (pronounced Delete-Command).