Im an interdisciplinary designer and creatorlocated in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I'm inspired by meaningful interactions with humans like you. Right now, Im studying at NSCAD University to get my Bachelor of Design. 
what i do
Branding. Web design. Animation. Graphic design.  Illustration. Product design. Host workshops. Solve problems creatively.  Collaborate. Tell stories. Listen carefully. Plan meticulously.  Employ empathy always. Dish out compliments. Write and draw everyday. Smile often. Experiment out of curiosity. Pull the car over when I see a cool sign. Learn new things. Yo-yo while I work. Daydream. Adapt. 
what i don't do
Dance well. Organize my extension cords. Knit. Wear khakis. Let opportunities pass. Drink tequila. Sleep with a top sheet. Empty the crumb tray in the toaster. Binge watch TV. Forget to turn the oven off. Own a reasonable amount of swanky jackets. Waterproof my boots. Let any food cool before eating it. Own more than 5 rulers (kidding, I totally do)
Nice photo taken by Monika Gajewski
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