Winner of Special Recognition from the Industrial Japanese Designer's Association (JIDA) Next Eco Design Tokyo, Japan. 2019

This project, system, and final product is speculative in nature. There is no affiliation with Deurex Wax Company.
Insectum is a project lead by Dr. Christopher Kaltenbach, which focuses on the intersection of design and insect research.

"This is an area of research, provocation and speculation centered on the relationship between design and insects. Structures, products and services are derived from insects, used in biotechnology, food/product production and as pets." DrChristopher Kaltenbach

My research is narrowed on nicrophorus vespilloides (burying beetle), and its potential as a powerful bioremediator for crude oil spills. The speculative system I’ve created details the beetle, its hindgut fungi (yarrowia lipolytica), and its potential to metabolize oil in highly polluted areas. The product I’ve hypothesized would be used in partnership with Pure Wax (a wax that can absorb pollutants without taking on water itself), and efforts would be centralized in Niger Delta, Nigeria. 

The research for my hypothetical system of production can be seen in the data visualization above. The heart of this data visualization was to mimic the fluidity of oil through illustration and custom type. 
Photo Credit: Veronique de Viguerie
The logo is a refined wordmark. The symbol is five united fungi spores. The five spores signify the five most polluted states that Yarrowax will be focusing its remediation efforts on in Nigeria: Delta, Imo, Rivers, Balelsea, and Cross Rivers. The bodies of colour within the spores mimic the fluidity of oil. The composition demonstrates elements coming together. This relationship reflects Yarrowax’s core goal of uniting Nigerians to the land they knew, before big oil contamination. ​​​​​​​
Photo Credit: Benjamin Wolfe (Magnified Fungi); Edward Burtynsky (Oil in Niger Delta)
The colours are earthy and communicate renewal, harmony, safety, and care for the environment. Their names were chosen to reflect elements that will be restored to Nigeria during remediation.
The brand is simple, eco-oriented, accessible and altruistic.
Photo Credit: George Osodi (Nigerians walking on pipelines); Veronique de Viguerie (oil covered hand)
Photo Credit: Narongsak Nagadhana
Next Eco Design Exhibition with the Japanese Industrial Designer's Association in Tokyo, Japan 2019
Exhibiting and Educating about Yarrowax
Arts Matters Conference at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, Canada 2019
Educating about Yarrowax
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